Saturday, March 28, 2009

southeast asia or bust

i dont actually understand that phrase... [somewhere] or bust! but i coudnt think of anything better to say. anyway, i'm off on a voyage to southeast asia! my trip starts off by presenting recent research at a conference in malaysia. it's always exciting to hear what other extragalactic astronomers are doing, to receive feedback on my own work, and participate in the dialog about the future directions of the field.

my adventures continue with journeys to thailand and cambodia!

needless to say, i'm incredibly excited! i've been preparing to enter food heaven by doing yoga and eating the spiciest food i can find... in england... which isnt very spicy! my blogging rate will, of course, slow while i am away. i've scheduled a couple posts to appear while i'm traveling, and i'm sure i will find time to make a couple updates here and there, but i'm looking forward to a break from my regularly computer-dominated universe.

many pictures to come... ciao!


Nikky said...

oh that sounds fantastic! I hope you have a fantastic time! Take lots of pics and have lots of fun!

looking forward to your next posts!

Anonymous said...

Just remember the advice a friend gave me. If you wake up in the middle of the night in cambodia, turn on the light, close your eyes and don't look at the floor for a couple of minutes. You really don't want to see what's crawling around there.

Action Wolfe said...

I can't wait to travel... hope you have a ball hun. :)

It was a bit freaky you posted this coz I just posted my travel plans for the future on my blog tonight. haha.

xx Action Wolfe

Reyjr said...

Malaysia is a nice place, I've been to a couple of times. Hey visit the Philippines too! :D

Unknown said...

ive arrived! ready for fun...

Anonymous said...

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