Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Introducing Ida Luna

While this blog has been quiet over the last few months, my home certainly hasn't been, thanks to welcoming to the world my little girl: Ida Luna! 

She was born in February 2016, and started with a healthy amount of skepticism :)  here she is with her grandma on day 2: 

I'm not sure about this world, grandma, but i sure like your singing!
and a few weeks later, she's still got it!

she's a content little baby and we're enjoying this new life together.

this is our major mode of transportation.  both of us LOVE the Yoli & Otis carrier! 

her expressions are endlessly cute and varied!

to be honest, i'm really enjoying time off work.  i'm doing some fun side projects (stay tuned!) that are keeping my mind entertained, but overall, it's a nice break from the pressures of academia and media. 

Mama and Ida Luna at 7 weeks