Monday, March 23, 2009

carl sagan - cosmos series

those of you living in the USA can now view the entire COSMOS series online at hulu. COSMOS was a fantastic astronomy tv series produced by carl sagan and ann druyan in the 1980s. the animations look a little primative compared to today's standards, but the science is still largely applicable and the imagination demonstrated is exquisite!

here's the introduction to the series:

i hope i can view hulu videos from outside the US soon!!!! good thing i have the whole COSMOS series on DVD ;)

hat tip to the bad astronomer.

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James Pickering said...

That is so cool to hear! When I was a kid, my grandmother bought that book for me to read when I stayed with her. Every time I went to her house, that was the book I pulled out. Makes me want to go find a copy. Thanks for the heads up!