Tuesday, March 3, 2009

silhouette masterpiece theatre - deduction

not sure why, but this made me smile.

from an interesting website, silhouette masterpiece theatre


nowhere said...

don't be sad that its over. be grateful that it happened.

should i be sad that his relationship is over or be grateful that he is back? 
sad that it is over.
he may be back but he is not happy.
there us nothing worse than a sad friend.

why should i care about what she thinks? she believes devoutly and forms her life around mystical fables. what if we started to worship the tortoise from the tortoise and the hare? it would be just about as ridiculous as believing in god.

the day before easter the dog nearly git her leg cut off. 
things don't taste like what they look.

its not having what you want, its wanting what you've got.

it is odd imagining two separate parts of your life symultaneously

i don't know what to write as my day has been so uneventful. the kitchen is being repainted the same colour that it already is.
i went for a walk and nearly lost the dog. everyone else are always busy.

i hate moving, changing environments. i never know what to do. i want to work tomorrow as i didn't today. but when you move into a non working environment, you seem to want to do everything that requires the least amount of effort.
i watched a lot of tv today. i wont tomorrow. i need to unpack as well. i just cant handle the boredom.

you know, he is as her.
both lonely and both alone.

she wants to be friends but she needs to get over him first. the faster she can get over him, the faster they can be friends, the faster they can get back together.

when you speak without thinking, you say what you think.

magic will sort it out in the end.

wear your shoes every other day and they will last twice as long.

then you speak the awful, cruel truth.
i hate you.
and they return
i know, i hat you too, i love arguing with you.
i hate arguing with you, you belittle me, irrationally contradict me, speak over me.

i really hate you.
i know. (you don't care or you don't understand)
i hate you.

who do i talk to?
what do i say?
will she remember... what.
she is in so much pain alone.
i will be there for her.
but can she accept that?
can she?

xxx said...

The above comment has completely lost me :-)......... but hey I think that the image is beautiful and clever.
Glad you shared it.

best wishes

Action Wolfe said...

but not the first comment... can safely say it lost me - wooosh.

I'm trying to analyze it but I'm lost at the same time... my first thought was that the owl was dead too.. but then thinking about it it wouldn't make sense. And I get the whole Two birds one stone thing. Love pieces that make you think!

Reyjr said...


Ghost said...

...I don't see the conection between the first comment and the picture, but hey the picture's clever :P

Unknown said...

well it seems unanimous... no one understands the first comment about this post! a few people seem to think it's an ex-person of mine, but none of me ex's write in all lowercase. i have no idea. but, nowhere, thanks for posted and adding that extra dimension of intrigue to the photo that inspired your... streaming thoughts.