Friday, April 27, 2007


one day i really hope to experience weightlessness. the zero gravity corp. is now making this possible for thousands of people... if theyre willing to pay $3,750! the zero-g corp. flies its passengers up to 32,000ft and performs the "parobolic flight" maneuver where they tip the nose up at a 45 degree angle then follow a parabolic trajectory up and over the curve... like a roller coaster without the wind or the harness... or that feeling you get in your stomach as youre driving over the little bumps on a country road. You're not achieving complete weightlessness in such a case, but you can definitely feel yourself lightening as your stomach "rises" (by the way, these country road bumps are way more common in ohio than they are in texas). the plane falls for about 30 seconds while all the passengers experience weightlessness... blocked from the forces of the wind thanks to the body of the plane.

stephen hawking, who has been in a wheel chair for almost 40 years due to lou gehrig's disease, just got to experience this feeling. i wanted to share this picture because i think it's super cute! i'm glad he could experience such a thing... and i hope that one day i do too!

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