Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my convexedness

the pop song "my humps" has to be one of the lamest songs i've ever heard. in her original video version, fergie flashes her scantily clad body to the head bopping beat, managing to take one's attention away from the ridiculousness of the lyrics.

in case you havent seen it yet, i share here a version of the song done by the surprisingly clever alanis morissette. i loved her first album way back when. it was great to sing really loud to while driving in the car or while slightly irritated at anything. great stuff, although i havent listened to any of her recent albums. in the video below, she sings the exact words of the original song, "my humps" in her own ballad-style. sometimes her vocals wail a bit irritatingly, but i think this video is pure hysterical genius!

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Anonymous said...

rotfl! That really made my day :) Hope you had a great gringa Easter!