Monday, April 30, 2007

cerro grande!

yesterday i explored a main feature of La Serena... by bike. inland from the city lies a looming, steep, tall hill appropriately named cerro grande ("big hill").

en route....
rachel and the path up. i'll admit that i was pretty intimidated at this point, especially considering how difficult it was to gain any traction on the rocky dirt trail. i'd never done such an up hill climb on bike before. at this point we'd been riding for 30 minutes and i was already a bit fatigued.
nice view of the valley from pretty close to the top.

woohoo! we made it... just in time for lunch! :)

it was a sunny, yet hazy day. on a clear day you could see La Serena in the foreground, the beaches and all the way across the bay to coquimbo before losing a sense of distance to the vast horizon of ocean.
all geared up and ready to head back down.
the downhill was actually pretty scary. for some reason i had a very bad feeling.... but i managed to only skid once and we all arrived at the bottom safely... and quickly... without any falls or injuries!

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