Friday, April 20, 2007

venus moon conjunction tonight!

tonight as the sky darkens, a bright and brilliant venus will shine to the upper left of waxing crescent, sliver moon. and if that wasnt enough.... the pleiades cluster (or the teeny tiny blue dipper, as i like to think of it) will be to the moon's lower right!

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Kevin said...

I went to the beach last night to see venus ,but living in S. Florida there is to much light pollution,,sigh

beachkat said...

i am in san diego, california, it is 7:16....i live at the beach, and was taking the trash out....glanced up at the sky, and saw the incredible moon/venus moment...i have seen the moon and venus in the morning sky....but never such a close encounter with venus to the left of the cheshire cat grin of the moon....there is a little mist in the air, and it made it all the more other worldly....wish everyone i care about were standing next to me as i enjoy this beautiful moment....beachkat

astropixie said...

beautifully written beachkat! thanks for sharing. i caught a glimpse of the pair - largely dispersed thru the cloud cover though!