Tuesday, April 3, 2007

do you are?

last month i went to a bar called the "living lounge" for a going away party. two astronomers moved back to the US after several years here. i was sad to see them go because i liked them and their adorable little 2 year old daughter! in general, i miss playing with kids!

anyway, we were a big group and people working at the bar started giving away t-shirts and hats and other promotional items. i grabbed a t-shirt. the back of the shirt has the bar's logo and on the front, in sideways writing, it says

Do you are
where you
want to be

or where
you can?

huh? hahaha! what does that mean? in smaller print around that text it says "Make your own way let the others follow you. Do you follow the others or follow your own way?" that makes much more sense!

it reminds me of all the funny little printed paper my sister used to send me letters on when she lived in south korea. they were very cute! also... i wish i could read the true translations of chinese or japanese tattoos people permanently place all over their bodies. those must be hilarious!


Anonymous said...

that is pretty funny. i have always wondered if the folks with kengi tattoos really knew what they had written on them.

just yesterday at auto zoo, i saw that the girl working had one on her wrist. i asked what it said. she told me she wanted "candy" as her name was candice...she later found out it was "candy" as in slang for drugs...hahahahaha!

knp1968 said...

I have Chinese tats but unlike most people that get them done by picking them out at a tattoo shop. I took my Tao Te chang book and had him do it from there. I could only wonder what those tat shops characters really mean. lol