Thursday, April 12, 2007

jugo surprise!

living in another country provides endless entertainment. the most simple things often present surprising results. like today, i opened some orange juice that i bought yesterday and jumped with surprise when i poured into my glass a creamy-colored liquid with an orange tint!!

during our long flight to chile, marcel warned me about the "juice". i thought this was a curious quirk to highlight, but i listened with intrigue. he told me to be careful of the orange juice ("jugo de naranja") because oftentimes it is actually "nectar de naranja". nectar de naranja is a highly sweetened drink that happens to be orange. it doesnt really taste like orange juice, in my opinion it tastes like tangy sugar water. you can find actual jugo de naranja in stores, but its more expensive and you have to really look for it. i was craving real orange juice, so i spent time looking for it at the store yesterday.

amid the aisle of nectars, i found one box called "so natural naranja" that looked promising and since i couldnt find any jugo, i bought it. foiled again! the creamy liquid that i bought (think melted orange creamsicle) tastes alright, but i wouldnt call it orange juice. next time i'll have to make sure i see the word "jugo" on the packaging!

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