Thursday, April 19, 2007


i've bought many things on ebay... many years ago i bought my first digital camera from ebay and was very happy to get an extra large memory card for the same retail price. i recently bought another camera (canon powershot SD800) from ebay because it was the same price, and they also threw in a 4GB memory card (thats huge!!!), a case, an extra battery and a few other goodies. i've excitedly anticipated my new camera's arrival. as a good friend said upon hearing my old one was stolen:
i send my condolences. that thing was pretty much your best friend.
hahaha! ... so you understand my level of excitement!!

well... it arrived today!!! i opened the box and noticed that there were no instructions... oh well, i thought, i've had a few canon cameras, so i know their format and how they work. i charged up the battery while i made dinner... a yummy chilean cazuela. after dinner, i put the charged battery in the camera along with my gigantic memory card and powered it up for the first time! as i set the date, i noticed that all the writing was in chinese... uh... huh? oh no! i couldnt understand anything! nothing. nada! crap!!!

i laughed at myself for never thinking of this possibility, and then got really pissed because i couldnt figure out *if* i could change the language setting... because it was all in freaking chinese! aaaahhhhhh!

not too worry, thanks to the majesty of the internet, i was able to compare the online screen shots of the menu to my new toy in order to figure out just what the word "language" looks like in chinese.

whew. that scared me for a while! but i got a lot of good laughs out of the situation anyway.

by the way... in other countries, the canon SD800 is called canon IXY900IS...?? just fyi!

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Anonymous said...

You can probably find a multi-lingual pdf of the manual online.