Wednesday, February 4, 2009

venus and the moon over my 'hood

finally caught a few glimpses of the crescent moon and venus shining over my neighborhood of nottingham at the end of last month. lovely!

venus is to the lower right of the moon, although its a bit tough to spot in the small versions of the photos! oh well.


lalamandala said...

can't see venus in the pics :( but i did spot her myself from my back yard. brilliantly beautiful! thanks to astropixie i knew what planet it was and happily informed my friends. do love your hood tho.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how freaking bright Venus is. I took some pics myself from Pasadena a while ago. Andrea and I actually saw the Moon-Venus-Mercury "alignment" around new year's when we were driving in Arizona. I'm glad I'm not the only astronomer who still enjoys these sights :-)