Wednesday, February 4, 2009

millenium falcon sled

i would love to do some sled riding with this: the millenium falcon sled!!

by the way, it sounds so weird to my ear to hear everyone in england talk about going "sledging."

while on the star wars theme, i'll share these funny action figures. you decided... obama or darth vader??


BG said...

I have made it my personal quest to make sure that all Austrians know that "sledging" is incorrect. It's not a hammer, people!

Steve Jeffery said...

Pfft. For a given value of "incorrect". ;-)

That sledge is teh awesome. If we had decent snow more than once every 18 years (!) that would be next on my impulse shopping list.

lalamandala said...

when aunti manda wants snow, she gets it!

Anonymous said...

Darth Vader