Tuesday, February 17, 2009

galaxy zoo 2!!

i'm in oxford today! i gave a seminar a few hours ago and now i'm thinking about the comments people made about the research. one of the most interesting parts of doing research is presenting the results to people who havent spent so much time thinking about the same details. oftentimes, they look at the situation from fresh perspectives and ignite new ideas with simple comments!

i also talked a bit with chris lintott who was bounding with excitement about the lift off of galaxy zoo 2!! later tonight, you can check out galaxy zoo 2 and sift thru gorgeous images of thousands and thousands of galaxies! by classifying their properties, you are helping us to classify more galaxies than we could possibly do ourselves and ultimately, contributing to great new science results! so - give it a go!

ps. i had to walk past so many beautiful old buildings in oxford thats its unfortunate the oxford astrophysics group lives in a much more modern (read: more ugly) building :( oh well.


amydove said...

It seems that most all astronomy (and science) buildings are the ugly "modern" ones on campus. We like pretty things too! Well, at least we get to look at the pretty ones form our windows.

Unknown said...

yes, *if* we have windows!!!

at UT-austin, the astronomy grad students did not have windows in their offices. in europe, it is NOT LEGAL to not have windows in ones office.

Astron said...

I wish you visited Ukrainian Astronomical Institutes and compare, lol :)

P.S. Although in most cases we have windows :-D