Friday, February 20, 2009

saturn's quadruple transit

right now, saturn's rings sit in an edge-on position relative to earth... saturn is sideways. christopher go took advantage of this position to image the moon, titan, as it transited in front of the ringed planet on feb. 8, 2009. he used an 11-inch telescope to create this little movie:

go's movie shows a preview of the event happening on february 24th, 2009! not only will that date treat us to comet lulin's closest approach, we will also see *four* of saturn's moons pass directly in front of the planet at the same time: titan, mimas, dione and enceladus!!! a quadruple transit!

saturn will sit very close to comet lulin on feb 24, 2009, so get your telescopes ready and look to the southwest before dawn!!

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Ah, thanks for the heads up!