Wednesday, March 26, 2008

triple flyby alert - TONIGHT!!

NASA's space shuttle, endeavor, just undocked with the international space station (ISS) and both are orbiting the earth very close to each other. in addition, the european space agency's cargo carrier, jules verne, is flying just 2000 km ahead of the first two space ships, creating a triple flyby tonight!! you'll see a bright (1st magnitude) jules verne, followed 4 minutes later by an even brighter ISS and space shuttle close together!

this event will be visible from austin, texas at 8:30pm tonight... look to the west! if you live in the US or canada, go to for details. otherwise, you can use heaven's above to find out whether this stunning trio will pas over your head during the next couple days!


Anonymous said...

I read your post about the triple flyby too late to see it! I missed it!

Unknown said...

thats too bad, john! :(

it was really spectacular!!