Thursday, March 6, 2008

enceladus: saturn's (water?) moon

the cassini spacecraft will be making a close fly-by of saturn's moon enceladus [en-SELL-ah-dus] in one week, next wednesday, march 12, 2008! it's surface features many craters, eventhough it is covered by fresh, clean ice! there are large geysers, like old faithful on earth, spouting out little ice crystals!

with the upcoming flyby, scientists hope to gain insight into a possible liquid layer beneath the ice surface. here's a quick video from JPL explaining the specifics of the mission!

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Roger That said...

Thanks for providing a phonetic spelling of a "Science word", Amanda - something that is sorely needed in Science Communication, I think.

Now I can pronounce Enceladus correctly. I also recently learned how to say Pleiades correctly too. After all these years. *sheepish grin*

You are an inspiration to a fellow Astronomy buff (not *the* one, of course) and Science blogger.