Friday, March 21, 2008

looming defense

defense is looming
nerves peak in middle of night
less than two months left

now i have a job (!!!!!!!)
assurance relieves pressure
but tough times remain

much work still to do
prolific writing abound
concentration, please!


Anonymous said...

The thing is, by the time you give your defense, *you're ready for it*.

You'll do fine.

Eva said...

A wise friend of mine described a defense as a "hit batter" case, it will hurt, but you will make it to a base.

I am sure you'll be ok, but I know it's scary. Good luck for the next two months.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! You'll do great - let the anxiety pass through you, you are the air!:)

In an odd twist schooling, I'm actually headed to your alma mater to finish my degree starting this summer. Looks like a great department from what I've seen so far.