Saturday, March 8, 2008

human debut in astrophotography

more inspiring photographic fun from larry landolfi.

the background for the first image is a publicly available compilation image of "Cassiopeia A" [cass-ee-oh-PEA-uh] provided by NASA. the image of "Cas A" combines data from 3 space telescopes: infrared from the spitzer space telescope, visible light from the hubble space telescope, and x-ray emission from the chandra x-ray observatory. the supernova remnant, Cas A, shows us what is left behind after a star much more massive than our sun explodes to end its life! Cas A was first recorded to be seen by humans 300 years ago, after the light traveled 10,000 years to reach us!

i like how landolfi digitally adds a human perspective to these two wonderful snapshots of the universe!

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