Thursday, February 7, 2008

upside down orion!

i'm thrilled to be under southern skies again!

in general, when i walk outside of a roofed-structure at night, i look up immediately to see what stars and planets are out, in order to get acquainted with my relative time and location... just 4 days ago, i eagerly awaited the southern summer sun to set so i could look up to see orion upside down (!) and the southern cross above my head… reminding me how far around the other side of the earth i’ve come for this job interview!

i survived my interview, but i have to say it was the most intense one i've had! wow.... i was relieved when it ended, but of course i circled all my responses over and over in my head afterwards, wondering about their "correctness." i tried to be as honest as i could be without getting bogged down with worries about what the "right" answer was they might be expecting. i think i succeeded at this point, but their detailed questions have given me interesting things to ponder for the last couple days!

i leave this evening to head back to the northern hemisphere. i'm excited to discuss the universe a long time ago, in galaxies far, far away!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this info. I was recently in southern Brazil and as the clouds cleared I saw upside down Orion and thought I was hallucinating.