Friday, February 29, 2008

norway sunset at midnight!

if youre a person who needs deep darkness to sleep, then take a sleeping eye mask if you visit norway!! photographer Thomas Laupstad captured some beautiful pictures of a norway sunset.... at midnight!!

northern norway seems not to be the best place to move if you enjoy stargazing ;)


Anonymous said...

Norway may not be the best place for stargazing but judging form the stunning photos it is a fantastic place for skygazing.

What a wonderful start to my day coming across these on your blog :)

Carlos Rosado said...

Its just fine for stargazing... in the winter :)

new mom said...

what a wonderful blog spot, i was googling norway and went to save a pic and it brought me to your page. fabulous!!! great shots.
big hello from montreal!

Kristoffer said...

In Norway it is only this much light for a short period around summer. The rest of the year we can barely see the sun at all.