Saturday, February 16, 2008


leonard cohen's song, hallelujah, has to be one of the most beautiful songs of all time... although strangely enough, not so much when he performs it! i love his deep voice, but other people have really brought this often-covered song to life.

here's a band from my hometown, over the rhine. her voice harbors such a deep passion and perfects the necessary emotion to perform this song. i also love the piano.

my all-time favorite version is absolutely the one by jeff buckley. the images in this video are interesting, but a bit distracting from the beauty of the song.


Harvestar said...

Brandi Carlile's version is my favorite, but it is an amazing song.

Anonymous said...

Over the Rhine. Thanks!

I had to send that to my daughter. And yes, she does has a rather special voice that makes the song personal.

Amanda, I do not listen to classical music as much as I should, but thanks to your blog, you have introduced me to some wonderful artists that I would never have known about.

Unknown said...

wow... thanks for telling me about brandi carlile! she's great!

thanks for yor feedback, anon! now i'm inspired to post a little more music ;)