Tuesday, November 20, 2007

writers not on strike

hillary clinton should give a bonus to which ever of her speech writers came up with this gem that made me laugh out loud today:

"It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush."

maybe she came up with this line herself, i dont know... but i think its funny no matter where your opinions may lie along the political spectrum.


Anonymous said...

Of course, there is also the old saying:

"Clinton was the cr*p between two Bushes."

But yes, that was funny also.

Anonymous said...

Not intended to be posted on your blog, but everyone loves Jib Jab.


BTW, you are doing what I dreamed of doing 30 years ago. Wisely, I decided to become a software engineer, when the first micro-computer was invented.

However, I first learned about computer programming as an astronomer, while reducing sprectrometry measurements.

You are my inspiration, because today, you are doing what I have always dreamed about.

Unknown said...

thank you very much anonymouses (anonymi?).... for your kind words and funny video!

i actually wonder what i'm going to be "doing" soon!?