Friday, November 2, 2007


today was a long travel day, but i've arrived in HAWAII (!!!) safe and happy. it was nice to take a whole day off of work to read my book and watch movies, even though i was stuck in seats on airplanes the whole time! i'm in hilo on the big island listening to the loudest, highest pitched frogs i've ever heard! i'm tired enough that i think i'll sleep pretty well despite the loud noise!

i've been a pretty successful vegetarian lately, but i admit that i really really enjoyed the ahi tuna i had for dinner tonight! one thing i dont miss about eating fish and meat though, is the bits of food that inevitably get stuck in my teeth. its only fish, meat and popcorn that cause this annoyance. anyway, i'm looking forward to eating more fish over the next two weeks!

saturday i'll be heading up to the summit of mauna kea for 4 nights of observing with the gemini telescope. here are some pictures from my visit to CSO on mauna kea in 2003. i wonder how much has changed.

a new space carnival was published today, er... i mean yesterday. not too long of one, but good reading nonetheless!


Unknown said...

I wish I could be there too, have a great time, eat lots of fresh fish and take lots of photos for me!

Peregrine said...

I am officially jealous.

Have fun! :)

Tim Hamilton said...

Speaking of noisy frogs.....this subject has come up twice in the last week! First on your blog and today when I had lunch with one of my friends. She was telling me about her recent vacation in Hawaii and how she had a hard time sleeping because of frogs. Like her, I bet you were dealing with Caribbean frogs, a very noisy invasive species. It was very educational lunch, as I learned Hawaii is really prone to invasive species because it's an island chain along with being a trading and military hub.

If you are curious, here's an article from The Nature Conservancy that will tell you everything you've ever possibly wanted to know about noisy frogs in Hawaii.

Unknown said...

thanks for the article about the frogs. thankfully, i havent had a hard time sleeping this week!

on the island of kauai, there are many many many wild chickens and roosters running around. presumably they were released during a hurricane about 15 years ago and have since greatly multiplied!