Thursday, November 22, 2007

beware the shopocalypse

the annual holiday shopocalypse is nigh upon us.

i refuse to go to malls because i have no patience for them and they put me in a bad mood. and i strongly dislike commercial consumerism, in general, but i do enjoy giving gifts to my family and friends to remind them that i love them. i think that gifts created by your very own hands are always the most cherished! but for the busiest among us.... i've compiled a quick list of good places to shop that benefit real life human artisans from all over the world:

ten thousand villages
a greater gift
home grown market
sweat free online consumer guide
co-op america
global exchange
stars and infinite darkness

there might be a trailer for the movie "what would jesus buy" posted below, but if not: view it here

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Another idea for you: this site offers some excellent fair-trade teas. I've tried "All Heart" (green tea with roses and cherries).