Wednesday, November 21, 2007

nice nearness

this friday night, there will be a nice nearness between the nearly full moon and the pleaides star cluster (see star map here). some people in the northern part of the world will see the moon pass right in from of the pleiades, occulting the tiny little dipper!


Anonymous said...

Astronomers report that planets are forming in Pleiades star cluster (ucla newsroom News Releases). Scientists say that these rocky-planets resemble Earth! If so, Life is possible there as well?

Unknown said...

certainly life is possible there, but as the planets are just forming, the environment is much too violent for stable life to form there for a very long time in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think however, because there are some 1400 stars in Seven Sisters, there might be many much older rocky-planets which we have not yet observed. In that case the possibility of Mother Nature and Life in Pleiades still remains. Is it possible to find out the distance of a planet to its Sun Star in so faraway (400 ly) star cluster?