Friday, November 9, 2007

fear is the lock, and laughter the key

yet another fantastic, and timely comic from xkcd.

just last week i perused youtube for video footage of some of my rock and roll favorites of old. i found this fantastic version of "suite judy blue eyes" by crosby, stills, and nash.... the video shows the trio live from woodstock in 1969, playing together for the second time ever in public! so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes the first time i watched and listened. enjoy.


FlyingSinger said...

Thanks Amanda! CSN (and sometimes Y) are one of my special faves from my, ahem, younger days. Cool clip. I was lucky enough to see them in Pittsburgh in 1975 though not quite this close. I had a chance to go to Woodstock too, but I decided not to take the time off from my summer job - D'oh!!! Or maybe duh, but who knew?

Anonymous said...

FUCKIN WMG have taken this video down! beautiful beautiful song