Monday, November 5, 2007

kona coffee

there is a kona coffee festival (world famous, apparently) going on right now that started yesterday!! i'm a big fan of good coffee, so i thought it worthy to wake up early and drive 2 hours across the island to the kona region before i came up to the mountain!

i drove to Holualoa Village which is the road along which most of the kona coffee is grown! the farmers set up little tasting booths along the road so you could walk up and down, taste over 20 different types of fanastic coffee, and peak in the many many art galleries!

i had just a few sips of each coffee in order to make my way around the whole circuit... but i still drank a higher-than-healthy amount of coffee. it was nice to taste different types in order to be able to distinguish the flavors.

i eventually snuck in the very pink kona hotel to use the bathroom... and discovered a great view of the Kona coast!

if you stretched this leaf upright, it would be taller than me. it was HUGE... and there were many of them!

the quote of the festival came from a very pleasant coffee grower and brewer: "i meditate so that i can drink as much coffee as i want!"

mmmm... good coffee.

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