Thursday, June 28, 2007

up on high

i wont be updating too much for the next week as i'm off on another adventure. this time to the peaks of machu picchu and choquequirao in peru. seven days of hiking in the andes. i'm so excited!! i wonder how many pictures i will take!?

dont forget about jupiter tonight or to see the close pairing of venus and saturn on sunday.

i'll leave you with some more great futbol moves. key moments of awesomeness occur at 1:10.... a somersault? and thierry henry's move after 1:33!

Mix Joga Bonito - The best free videos are right here


knp1968 said...

I watched brasil vs mexico tonight and they lost 2-0 was a travesty
tmrrw USA vs Argentina..go USA

Anonymous said...

nice video

but i didnt see any Italian player doing tricks (current world cup champions)