Monday, June 18, 2007

mountain top storms

my stint observing here is finished, time to head back down to La Serena. in 6 nights i managed to observe anything with gemini for about 2 nights total. not much to do sitting inside clouds during snowstorms! (un)fortunately, it only snowed on the mountain top where i slept during one night and it all melted during the day while i slept. enjoy some photos...

welcomed by a storm.

my fox friends were absent during the storms of the first few nights, but appeared again after the storms passed.

that's gemini on the right and SOAR on the left.

cloudy nights make for horribly ambiguous observing conditions, but they certainly provide beautiful sunsets!

you can barely make out the 4m CTIO dome in this one...

the spiffy control room.

some pictures from clear nights in the past....

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Davin said...

Those are great photos! You are truly in one of the cathedrals of the universe. Whenever I think of the great observatories, I can't help but draw the parallel that like any great "temple", those great instruments are even at the top of remote mountaintops! Ahh, someday I hope to make that "pilgrimage."

Sorry your observing run was so cloudy. Where's those consipiracy theorists with the weather control satellites when you need them. Have a good trip down!