Tuesday, June 12, 2007

long nights ahead

i'm heading up to cerro pachon today to start a 6 night observing run on gemini-south. the weather has been pretty crappy for the past week, which already makes for difficult observing, but the nights are also llllooooooonnnnngggggg this time of year so it'll be a work-full week! i'm not-so-secretly hoping for a snow storm, which appears to be in the forecast for two nights from now. it's not that i dont want to observe, it's that i love snow and i havent seen any in a long time other than what sits on top of distant mountain peaks!

i'll leave you with a little entertainment for now. this year marks my 10th time around the sun since graduating high school. thru the wide world of internet connections like facebook and myspace, old friends are contacting each other daily! i was pointed to a 20 minute video collage of my graduating class made by scott roberts. as i was strolling thru memory lane looking at all the familiar faces of my past, i saw a picture of myself that i'd never seen before!! i thought... "wait, was the ME???" this shot comes from around 4th grade with my friends ashley and melissa..... i wonder what they're doing these days? look at that necklace.... and the bandana tied to the belt!! classic! i have NO memory of this outfit or this event, but i stopped the video and laughed out loud for several minutes before gaining my composure again. this photo demonstrates one of the 2 perms i've had in my life and just how blond my hair was!! hahaha! enjoy...

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