Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what should hubble look at?

as part of the international year of astronomy festivities, the hubble site has launched a project where we get to choose an astronomical object for the hubble space telescope to observe!

already existing images and descriptions of the possible targets are available at, where you can also vote by March 1st! the choices:

NGC 6634 - star forming region
NGC 6072 - planetary nebula
NGC 5172 - spiral galaxy
NGC 4289 - edge-on spiral galaxy
Arp 274 - interacting galaxies
NGC 40 - planetary nebula

i'm biased in opinion as i study galaxies and think interacting galaxies are incredibly exciting, but i would be happy to see hubble's view of any of the objects listed above.

i will leave you with a great compilation of cosmic collisions previously captured by the hubble space telescope, which now sits as my desktop background:

thanks to the astronomy blog for the tip.

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