Monday, January 19, 2009

friends: small and grand

of all the new friendships i've made in nottingham over the last 5 months, i dont have any new tiny friends!? i suspect that several couples i know are on the brink of committing to parenthood, but still, almost none of my new friends have small children! not having any little kids around feels strange since i've always been surrounded by kid cousins or kids of friends. babies are adorable (more so when you dont have to change their diapers!), toddlers are cute while learning to communicate and interact (and when they get wound up, wild, and whiny, i can go home!), and then kids really start to get fun when they use their blossoming imaginations to create games and explain to you how the world works according to their growing understanding!

i like spending time with people of a wide range of ages; they remind me to maintain my innocent curiosity while seeking happiness and wisdom.

hm. how does one meet cool kids to interact with in a new city? volunteer?


lalamandala said...

Hi Aunti Manda! I love seeing pictures of me on your blog! You could go to schools to meet some kids. Maybe tell them about astronomy and then they will want to be friends.

Anonymous said...

i sware that picture at the back door is one of the funniest moments of my life!!!

hope you are good....

Unknown said...

thanks for the suggestion keldan!

rob - every time i look at that picture i have to laugh out loud! haha! such a funny memory!