Saturday, November 8, 2008

obama: before and after

i found senator barack obama's speech from the 2004 democratic national convention. this was the first strongly publicized moment in obama's national political career that i remember. it's a 16 minute video where he's ultimately supporting then-candidate john kerry, but he talks for a long time about his life, inspiration, and philosophy - before he started to move toward the center, as candidates unfailingly do.

four years later, we are treated to an intimate view of how the obama's spent election night 2008... from an election night series at flickr.

president- and VP-elect, joe biden.

listening to mccain's gracious concession speech


(apparently the above video has a few lines cut out, here's the full speech which is a lot lower resolution)

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Anonymous said...

Worst day in history having that jack ass some how get elected with absolutely no prior meaningful leadership experience.