Saturday, November 22, 2008

a christmas story

there's a classic 1983 american christmas movie that is played on TV for 24-hour marathons throughout the holiday season: "a christmas story." i loved this movie as a kid and i'm still entertained by it each year. i'm shocked to report that not a single person among the people here in nottingham that i've asked have heard of this movie, much less seen it! i must plan a screening! this movie must be witnessed!! where can i find it?

here's the original trailer for the movie to give you a taste:

"a christmas story" represents an integral part of the comforting holiday tradition i feel every year. my sisters and i quote the movie regularly, from triple dog daring each other, to singing "fa-ra-ra-ra-rar" at the annual family caroling session.

as a pointles bit of trivia, the "christmas story" house is located in cleveland, ohio... a mere 4 hour drive away from where i grew up in cincinnati, but i never went to see it.

thinking about this movie reminds me that i will get to watch all the british christmas specials this holiday season and experience the various traditions unique to this region of the world. is there anything that people particularly like that i should make a point to pay attention to??


Anonymous said...

I still have yet to see this movie. Same thing with It's a Wonderful Life.

murphydyne said...

Is Basil Brush still around over there? That was one of my favorite holiday specials as a kid stationed in England in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Basil Brush? Good grief.

Er...Christmas traditions.

Queen's Christmas speech. 3pm Christmas Day. Usually a hoot. Is just before the two big Christmas day TV films, where you can sleep off the enormous Christmas lunch you ate. A bit like a thanksgiving lunch but with more calories. The Queen's Christmas speech used to come just after the Christmas edition of Top of the Pops. Sigh. I miss TOTP.

The 'snowball', a revolting drink consisting of a mixture of Advokaat and lemonade. It's disgusting, but somehow people seem to drink it at christmas.

Er...that's me done.