Thursday, November 27, 2008

hedgehog in the fog

i'm late to this cartoon... over 30 years late! hedgehog in the fog is a russian animation created in 1975, before all the fancy-shmancy computer generated imagery came along. the clip below is well worth the 10 minute investment of time... especially trying to figure out how they created the effect of the fog. enjoy!

found thru operation bumblebee.


Eva said...

Thanks a lot, it's great!. Is it supposed to be for kids?, it is a bit too existentialist for that in my opinion.

Unknown said...

i have no idea who the intended audience was. i hope it wasnt children though - in addition to the existentialism, i found it a bit scary! not quite as scary as watership down, but i'm glad i saw both as an adult and not as a child!