Monday, November 3, 2008

election eve

is anyone else's stomach all a flutter this election eve? i'm trying to prepare a talk i have to give tomorrow, but i cant stop reading news articles, op-ed's cartoons and general reports of fervor. i voted absentee. nothing left to do but ... wait... and maybe stay up all night tomorrow watching the results come in.


Eva said...

I have officially decided not to stay up and wait for results... but I don't know if I will be able to actually go to bed, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Unpleasant I know ... but maybe this awkward uncertainty just before elections is how it OUGHT to be in a living democracy?

My 2 cents, or whatever the appropriate monetary units are in your neck of the woods.

-mike shupp

heroineworshipper said...

The media leaves no doubt. Why should there be any fervor?

Anonymous said...

Talk about a flutter--my stomach feels like it's hosting a colony of migrating butterflies! I've never had such a hard time waiting since I was a kid anticipating my birthday or christmas!

Rik Gern

BTW--Mike Shupp--I think you're right; this IS how it ought to be!

C W Magee said...

I reckon we're miles ahead of where we were a year ago:

Anonymous said...

I don't think this election will make much difference, with one exception regarding race relations (which feels like a good thing). No intelligent person wants to be thought of as racist.

Unfortunately, Obama is promising things that I don't think are going to be possible. It opens the door for people to give in more and more to larger government. I really think we are in for hard times, which will result in people demanding more socialism. If socialism really leads to totalitarianism ( I do not have that positive of an outlook for the next 2-3 years, regardless of who is president.

btw, I am a fan of Austrian economics, and (and honest money)