Sunday, November 9, 2008

fa = a long, long way to run?

this made me laugh, and hear julie andrews in my head...

you can have it on a t-shirt if you want.

ps. i honestly never understood why or how "fa" was a "long, long way to run"... until i moved to england ;)

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lalamandala said...

that's funny, you didn't get "fa" dr bauer. i always thought "la...a note to follow so" was pretty lame. there was a homer simpson rendition of the do re mi song out a while ago and i think he said " la la la la beer!"

dough - the stuff that buys the beer
ray - the guy who sells me beer
me - the guy who drinks the beer
fa - the distance to the beer
so - i think i'll have a beer
la - la la la la la BEER!
tea - no thanks i'm having beer
that will bring me back to ... Doh!