Saturday, August 30, 2008

welcome to nott'm

layover in dublin... nine in the morning. mmmmmmm.... guinness. this picture looks barren, but there was a surprisingly large number of people drinking guinness this early!

the place i'm staying in nottingham. i lucked out with a great hostess (not pictured)!!

she took me to a farmer's market under a simpsons sky. i've seen the full sky behind the clouds exactly twice since i've been here. i miss the stars.

longhorn? wait a minute, didnt i just leave longhorn country?

a positive side effect of the plentiful rain!

there's always a storm pending in the distance.

city center (not called "downtown")

and the shot you've all been waiting for....

more to come....


Eva said...

I love that last shot!... and the mushrooms look very very yummy.

Unknown said...

The robin hood photo is incredible O_____O