Saturday, August 16, 2008

baltimore - welcome to birdland

amazingly, four former UT astronomers, three of whom were in my class, are now living and working in baltimore, maryland (or did they call it birdtown? birdville?).

i stayed with former officemate, shay and her husband. first, we explored the neighborhood.

then we hopped a train to DC, where it rained on us...

... so we drank tea and watched the rain fall down.

(left to right) kit, shay, erin, damon , jeff, and i all went to dinner.

erin and shay both entered grad school with me, graduated with PhDs and decided the direct academic route was not for them. they seem extremely happy doing research at the johns hopkins applied physics lab. they cant tell me the details of what they're doing, but they're making twice as much money as i'll be making... d'oh!! ;)

now open, but closed.

from left to right here: claudia, shay, kit, marty, and the adorably pregnant lissa.

claudia and marty have stuck with academics and both are excited with their postdocs!

ice. custard. happiness. bring it on!

excellent to see everyone in such good spirits! i hope my move goes half as well as your alls (how's that for texas grammar?).

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