Thursday, August 14, 2008

jupiter in august 2008

in addition to the august 2008 sky views i mentioned earlier this month, here's another "what's up" video from JPL to help guide your eye towards the skies! watch to hear all about jupiter, currently the brightest object in the night sky (other than the lit up moon).

jupiter is high in the south-east skies these days, and has been shining brightly next to the moon for the past couple nights.

anyone see the perseids last night? i was clouded out... and i'm not even in england yet! hmph!

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Anonymous said...

Saw quite a few from "cloudy" England. Actually, it rained very heavily early in the evening but later on we saw quiet a few with only patchy cloud - one dedicated individual saw 11, I think it was, plus a few sporadics.