Friday, August 15, 2008

doctor of astrophysiology?

without a doubt, the best graduation present i received is a handmade creation from my aunt - my godmother - the one who inspired my interest to travel - the woman i've looked up to my entire life. the week before my ohio graduation party, we talked on the phone for a couple hours and she told me she was making me a present, but i had no idea how awesome it would be!! just look for yourself...

she painted the galaxy and the background, then attached everything else. the tent flaps are attached with velcro and open to reveal a detailed backpack! interactive art! she gave me this present at the party, where i felt completely amazed and thrilled!

there's a strand of beads dangling from the top that reads:

"dr amanda bauer phd astrophysiology"

i said... huh? what? oh, no! haha!!!

see, my aunt is a wonderful writer and an english teacher, and we've always laughed and teased each other about the imperfections of our lives.

she looked surprised and asked "what, i didnt spell it wrong, did i? i looked it up in the dictionary!"

i asked, "what did it say astrophysiology means??"

"oh, i don't know, i didn't read that far!"

hilarious! the english teacher. an instant joke forever and ever! if anyone can give me a good definition of astrophysiology that doesnt already exist under some other common title, please let me know, i'm interested.

many, many people erroneously call me an astrologer... a mistake i happily correct, remembering the day long ago when i made myself remember, "astronomy is the science. astrology is not."

sometimes clever people jokingly ask me about the progress of my cosmetology degree. i recommend this humorous post at on cosmology for cosmetologists, if you have the time.

during that conversation on the phone with my aunt, she referred to my "astrophysics" degree twice, and then near the end she mentioned my study of "astrophysiology." i was quietly amused because no one had ever called me that before! i just let it slide thinking, "she got it right twice, she knows what she's talking about!"

silly doctor. assumptions are for amateurs.

this painting will definitely be hanging in my office at my new job! i love it.


amydove said...

Well, I just googled astrophysiology and this blog post was the first hit! But I did find this interesting description of some new age perfume: "ZODIAC POWERS - These unique perfumes are specially formulated in accordance with the principles of astro-physiology to activate the healing properties of the zodiac relative to the cosmos and can be used in relation to the zodiacal aspect or phase you are experiencing and may heighten the positive energies while diminishing the negative energies potentially inherent in each zodiac or zodiacal phase."
So yeah, what that said.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I think you accidently became well placed to exploit a gap in the market. I'm betting the worlds only other astro-physiologist doesn't have a Phd in the subject.

Do you own any crystals?

Anonymous said...

These last blogs are the best responses, I love it. Yes you were the first google or second Idk now. But it just means you study the, it means damn you went to school for a long time and you're a smart fart and you new long equations and theories about black holes, and stephen hawkinsin's radiation, jk it's a joke. I like that word, Hello my name is Ted I am an Astrophysicist.