Thursday, June 26, 2008

germany in the euro cup 2008 final

aside from the unfortunately dramatic power outages during the broadcast of the second half of the match, the germany-turkey bout yesterday was very exciting. i was pleased to see turkey attack early in the match. i lost count f how many shots they had on goal befre germany even had one! i was hoping for turkey to score early because if they didnt score and lost momentum, they would be tired and finished. also, a goal would produce a more exciting game! score they did and the game was off...!

germany ended up pulling thru... again... despite great playing by the turks.

the best quote i've read about the match comes from Sean O'Conor & Soccerphile: "Now the Mannschaft have reached the EURO 2008 final with a 3-2 win over an arguably better team, nodding heads are attributing their triumph to simply being German, a synonym for depressingly successful."

wish i was in germany celebrating now... and good luck sleeping, eva!

off to work early today so i can watch the spain-russia match today. russia looks good so this is a tough match to call. i think germany would be happier playing spain in the final. who know what will happen....

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