Thursday, June 5, 2008

euro cup 2008 excitement

anyone have any thoughts and/or predictions for the euro cup 2008 tournament that starts this weekend? i cant wait to watch so much good soccer! yippee!

here are my predictions:

QF1: czech rep. vs. croatia
QF2: germany vs. portugal
QF3: netherlands vs. russia
QF4: spain vs. italy

SF1: czech rep. vs. germany
SF2: netherlands vs. spain

Final: *germany* vs. spain


Unsui said...

Well I wanted to confirm this with you but now the "Bauer" Connection is complete :).
How about Germany-Vs-Italy in Final.

Italian Defense will then wear out Germans

True Azzuri

Anonymous said...

you have no idea about football... woman indeed

Anonymous said...

No - it'll be the year for Spain.

PS: 'anonymous' you're not sexist, you're a just plain a*hole.

Unknown said...

anonymously throwing out criticism without sharing any useful information - blah to you!

i just dont italy will get that far... and spain is a strong team with a good chance at the win, if they can keep it together!

Unsui said...

I know defensive pattern play by Italians is not one of the most liked around the globe. All the same I am lifelong supporter of Italy and Argentina. And I bet the Azzuri's will reach final and win the cup to match their World Cup Glory ...

Go Azzuri!!!

Eva said...

Maybe I am too aware of the Spanish "born to loose" history, I can't see them in the final. I'd love it, but I don't think it will happen. Germany, on the other hand, can probably take advantage of being the sandwich country between the two hosts. I really hope the Italians won't make it, too many Italians around me.

Thankfully, my pool is filled in stages, so we don't have to guess that far in advance.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait either! I'm missing the opening games though (flying ... ack!). Interesting predictions but I don't think Spain will make it to the finals either and probably Portugal will beat Germany in *the* game of the Cup so for me it's a Portugal vs. Italy final. See you in Austin for the QFs!

Anonymous said...

Aha - I see unsui has very good taste in futbol (I don't mean the italian team - well, they're champions, ok).

I insist it'll be the year for Spain.