Tuesday, December 21, 2010

eclipsed moon rising

i hope many of you got to see the total lunar eclipse which only rarely ever occurs on the solstice! i decided to enjoy the longest day of summer by heading to the harbour bridge and watching the rising of the eclipsed moon.

as the sun set behind me, i watched the shadow of the bridge extend over the neighborhood where i now live! you can actually see my new home in this shot, but you have to know where to look...

while waiting for the moon to rise, i watched boats flow past the opera house.

and then finally a tiny peak of the eclipsed moon!

there were only a couple other people on the bridge watching the eclipse, which kind of surprised me, but i guess it shouldnt. there were two ladies next to me taking photos of the opera house and they finally asked me what i found so exciting about the moon. it didnt look red, as it normally does during a nighttime eclipse, so i guess it just looked like a normal crescent moon to someone who didnt know it was supposed to be full tonight!

the moon slowly filled up as the sky grew darker.

and then the moon finally popped behind some clouds as it escaped earth's shadow and i reached the end of the bridge.

wish my camera was able to get a bit more detailed images of the moon, but it does a decent job for a little point and clicker.

happy solstice everyone!


Dave said...

Video of the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse, as seen in the Northern Hemisphere:

C W Magee said...

I saw the partial solar eclipse of dec 2002 from that bridge. The sun was low in the sky, and the bushfires were so bad that you could look right at it due to the smoke. It as a little bit apocalyptic, seeing the city ringed by fire as half the sun got eaten away...

heroineworshipper said...

That highrise neighborhood must represent the true standard of living in Sydney. Most of our glimpses come from a very wealthy engineer on youtube who lives in quite the opposite neighborhood.

Henry Lee said...

Great effort, Amanda, and cool results!