Sunday, December 26, 2010


meanwhile back in the USA, my cousin and her new husband introduced the family to the monster of all desserts, the condominium of cakes, the after dinner answer to the turducken, a confectionary delight that could have come from no where in the world other than my home country: the cherpumple.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, a cherpumple is a pumpkin pie surrounded by spice cake, topped with an apple pie inside white cake, topped with a cherry pie baked inside chocolate cake, all covered in flattering frosting.

truly astonishing! i seriously wish i could have witnessed this event and tasted the tower!

want to make your own cherpumple? watch this video.

thanks to my sister for sending photos!


lalamandala said...

did you happen to see this?...

The Jackass-Penguin Show said...


I'm now searching for the recipe for 'Vuvuzela' -- an impala stuffed into a zebra, stuffed into a vulture, all stuffed into another, much bigger vulture