Sunday, May 23, 2010

solidly in the thirties

once i recognized the pattern, i knew it had to be continued: i'm going to try to spend my birthdays in different countries for as many years as i can!

all birthdays were celebrated in the US until...

2007: buenos aires, argentina (photos)

2008: austin, texas, usa (post-phd party)

2009: i turned thirty in england's peak district (photos)

2010: BARCELONA, SPAIN! (if the volcano allows...)

i'm leaving ridiculously early in the morning. cant wait! chao!


Big Mark 243 said...

Moments like this, reading about your desire to celebrate your birthday in this fashion, is when I regret my not having souveinirs from the spots I have been in.

And it makes me happy that you are able to do something about making your own memories in all of these different countries. Don't know if you will ever have children or have friends and family with children, but I do think that it is inspiring for them to see that they can go wherever their imagination takes them.

And that is like being able to experience the initial rush of exploring all over again!!

Anonymous said...

So What Country is Austin, Texas in?

heroineworshipper said...

Heading into the upper half of the 30's in 1 month yet it feels like nothing happened since college. Either the years go by in no time when you're in the workforce or your memory is deteriorated from not constantly learning. Don't know if it's good or bad that you're not married at this age. A lot of heroines have already been through a divorce & paid child support by age 32.

StuntTrader said...

Arrivederchi 'Stropi!