Monday, May 17, 2010

astronomy and pornography

is it bad that i feel proud after reading this opening phrase from a blog post by professional astronomer peter coles?

"I started thinking about the analogy between astronomy and pornography after seeing a hilarious blog post by Amanda Bauer..."

astropixie: because astronomy is the pornography of science

wait, what?

i dont know.... back to work.


Rik Gern said...

I've always wondered about you people who peer thru telescopes! =0)

Merijn said...

Yesterday I saw the exhibition "first light" in huis marseille in Amsterdam. There's nothing better than a very high quality print of two meters long, with a 27000 pixel resolution of the center of the milky way :-)

heroineworshipper said...

Astronomy exists because of porn. Advancements imaging technology are driven mostly by porn & secondly by defense. The 1st telescopes were invented for porn.

Sakib said...

Someone has made a comparison between merging galaxies and sex:

Anonymous said...

So what if I enjoy looking at heavenly bodies through my telescope!

Sakib said...

I like heavenly bodies that you can see with your naked eye!