Monday, May 31, 2010

the devil and daniel johnston

a couple weekends ago i went to a music festival called all tomorrow's parties which was curated by simpsons creator matt groening (pronounced GRAY-ning, apparently).

interestingly, in order to get to the festival, we had to drive by a local power plant which i like to call england's "springfield."

as the curator, matt groening chose and invited all the bands that came and designed the programs. he made four different program covers... the one on the right features the strange-looking and energetic iggy pop and the left shows daniel johnston with his famous hi, how are you character, jeremiah the frog.

one of the most memorable acts for me was definitely daniel johnston.

i highly recommend the documentary film the devil and daniel johnston.

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Thumb said...

AH! I love daniel johnston. I was lucky enough to catch him live last november in edinburgh. I haven't been to ATP yet..But I desperately want to go. Seeing Daniel live is an amazing experience.