Thursday, July 30, 2009

yes, we landed on the moon.

will the moon landing conspiracy ever be officially defeated? i freaking hope so, because its quite annoying in my line of work to constantly encounter people who assume that humans faking the moon landing is a valid possibility. ugh. can we please stop instilling this nonsensical doubt into the minds of our children? humans landed on the moon... be proud, not asinine!

rant completed; now for informative humor!

to help people on the internet move in a positive direction, provides a handy 'People Who Would Have to Be Full of Shit' conspiracy theory chart...

spotted by mike's meandering mind.


Unknown said...


"It's one small punch for [a] man, one giant swing for mankind".

Buzz Aldrin settles the charge by conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel that the landings were a hoax.

Unknown said...

how about I attach the link this time ;)

Nikky said...

I get you completely and have just come to the conclusion that when stupid people are left alone with their thoughts this is the kind of crap they come up with! I mean really if it had all been faked we wouldn't have all of the stuff we have up there now! International space station, copious amounts of sat elites...the list goes on. I think that these conspiracy theorists are just from the shallow end of the gene pool.